Launching New Voices – KC

Want to speak at a tech conference?
Passionate about a topic and want to share?
Need some support to get yourself there?

  • Launching New Voices is a program in support of underrepresented groups in our tech space.
  • Training and mentorship as you prepare to deliver a presentation to a conference.

Tell Me More!

Conference speaking can be rewarding in many different ways – you get to share knowledge on a topic you are passionate about, you meet lots of people, and you are recognized as being knowledgeable on that topic.

But how do you get started as a speaker?

The Launching New Voices program is a mentorship program that helps aspiring new speakers develop their potential by pairing with experienced conference presenters.

We kicked off with a webinar on May 15th: experienced conference speakers Shahzad Zafar and Jenny Tarwater covered information relevant to selecting a topic, outlining the flow, and submitting and “selling” a conference talk. Matt Anderson reviewed the outline for the 2-part workshop.

Now join Matt Anderson for the 2-part workshop on June 22nd and June 29th.

Bring your draft talk to the workshop! You will be presenting portions of it (e.g. your introduction) and receiving feedback as part of the workshop. You will also need to bring a phone to record video of yourself for practice purposes.

Day 1 – Presentation Content – Power Opening, Flares, Story Telling, Walk-away Builders, “Slideology”

Day 2 – Physical Delivery, Avoiding Filler Words, Body Language, Tone, Mirroring, etc.

If you have questions, please contact Jenny Tarwater: